Here you can find information about my work as a dulcimer builder and upcoming performances and workshops. I also blog about my musical, creative, and random interests that you might find interesting. Your comments are always welcome.

Doug Berch - Dulcimer Maker and PlayerI play and teach mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, clawhammer banjo, pennywhistle, Jew’s harp, and harmonium.  I play and sing both traditional and original music.


DulcimerAs both a musician and instrument maker I make dulcimers that meet my own demanding requirements as a player.

I strive to combine the elements of traditional dulcimer making with the techniques of modern lutherie to make a beautiful, responsive instrument that is a pleasure to play

You can learn more about my dulcimers on my “Dulcimers” page.


I currently have two albums available as CDs or MP3 downloads.  You can hear samples and purchase them by clicking the album covers below.

Doug Berch Dulcimer and Hammered Dulcimer RecordingsA Brief Musical Bio:

I have been performing, teaching and making instruments since the mid 1970’s. During the 1980’s I toured throughout the United States and performed at many folk festivals, dulcimer festivals and concert venues. I recorded two records (Yes, records, the big round flat black vinyl things) for Kicking Mule Records.

In 1983 I took first place in both the National Hammered Dulcimer Championship and the National Mountain Dulcimer Championship in Winfield, Kansas.

In the early 1990’s I recorded two cassettes (more antiquated technology, is there a theme here?) with one featuring a tune I composed on hammered dulcimer called “Ocean of Wisdom” that has been performed and recorded by several other hammered dulcimer players. My work appears on dozens of albums and soundtracks as a support musician.

I performed, recorded and toured with the Celtic ensemble Colcannon for 10 years. I taught at The Swallow Hill School of Music in Denver, Colorado for 10 years.

I took a long break from performing and making instruments full-time.  During this time I was pursuing other interests.  I  also worked at Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Michigan for about 12 years.

Musically I am inspired by the traditional music of the world, the rock and roll I grew up with and anything else that comes along.