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Month: May 2012

Custom Dulcimer With Two Fretboards In Progress

It’s a beautiful day and my wife is working in the garden. I came out to show her how a custom combination standard and baritone dulcimer is coming along and she snapped this photo:

Portrait of a well-dressed dulcimer maker standing in the garden.

Maintaining a neat and well-kept appearance while at work is of great importance and a sign of good breeding.

I’ll stop now.

Music I’d Like To Hear #32

Music I'd Like To Hear #32


Music I’d Like To Hear #32

Lutherie Shop And Tools – Denis Diderot

Lutherie Shop And Tools - Denis Diderot


So here are some happy luthiers working in a clean and well-organized shop, making all kinds of instruments without one shaving on the floor!  I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the portrayal of a busy lutherie shop but the tools shown are not only accurate but still in common use.

I found this print from Denis Diderot’s encyclopedia somewhere on-line a while ago. I thought some of you might enjoy it. Click and it gets bigger

Simple Pleasures

Here are a few tools and some of the tasks I use them for.

This small bench hook has become a necessity for trimming binding and linings, cutting nuts and bridges to length, notching braces and planing small parts.

My trusty, musty, dusty little bench hook

I use a violin maker’s finger plane and paring chisels to shape braces. The sole of the plane is a little convex in length and width and makes it easy to add a gentle sweep to the shape of  braces.

A violin finger plane and a cranked paring chisel.

My bandsaw lives in the garage and this knife has saved me trips to the bandsaw on rainy days or at times when I  prefer to take a little more time and enjoy the quiet while cutting soundboards, backs and sides to profile, slicing spruce for thin braces, cutting strips of veneer, etc.

Cutting spruce with a knife.


Music I’d Like To Hear #31

Music I'd Like To Hear #31


Music I’d Like To Hear #31

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