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Music I’d Like To Hear #64

Music I'd Like To Hear #64

Music I’d Like To Hear #64

What’s On The Bench – 9/27/2013

Some days work-in-progress happens not only on the bench but also under the bench, on the floor, and on and horizontal surface I can find. Today is such a day.

This is my funky-yet-effective side-bender. This bending form uses metal slats and a heating blanket to bend the sides for my standard model dulcimer.  For one-of-a-kind instruments I bend sides the old fashioned way using a hot pipe.

Inside the side bender are several pieces of rosewood about to become binding; the trim I sometimes use around the soundboard.

Bending rosewood dulcimer binding

The wood is moistened and as heat penetrates the wood I hear and smell when it will become pliable enough to bend under pressure. Many of us bend under pressure so I do not hold this against the wood. What I do hold against the wood are both the male and female halves of the bending form.

I use three clamps to squeeze everything snug and then turn off the heat. I let the wood cool dry in the side-bender overnight.

Wood has memory and will try to spring back to its original shape. Sometimes the binding or sides coming out of the side-bender need a little touch-up on the hot pipe to assure they hold the desired shape.

Music I’d Like To Hear #63

Vintage photograph of a mandolin and harp-zither duet

Music I’d Like To Hear #63

Comments Are Working Again!

Several hours of my life are now part of the past but comments are working again.

After digging through my site for several hours I learned the culprit was a utility designed to add more options for people when leaving comments. How ironic that all it did was keep comments from appearing altogether!

Now it is time to embrace the rest of day turning wood into instruments.

Dulcimer builder and raw materials

Comments Have Not Been Working But I Do Want To Hear From You!

I just learned my blog has not been letting me know about comments left on blog posts.

I don’t know where your comments have gone. They simply do not appear anywhere that I can find them. I was wondering why people had stop commenting on my posts!

I imagine your comments are off having coffee somewhere and I was not invited to join them!

My apologies if I have not gotten back to you or responded to your comments. I did not receive them.

Trained professionals are handling the situation and comments should be (hopefully) working again in the very near future.

Should you want to contact you can send email via my Contact page:

Doug Berch: Contact

I’ll post to confirm that comments are working when the issue is resolved.

And now, for your entertainment and amusement, Harold and Mordecai perform one of their amazing feats of woodworking magic!

 Do Not Try This At Home!


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