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Month: May 2014

Music I’d Like To Hear #75

Salvation Army Concertina Band


What’s On The Bench – 05/16/2014

Here is a cherry back getting having the center reinforcement strip glued up while a completed walnut dulcimer back sits on top and photo bombs:

Dulcimer backs showing offAnd here is a cherry dulcimer waiting for it’s back.See-through dulcimerIn both photographs the work is taking place on top of the solera. These days almost all steps in dulcimer building take place on top of the solera.  The solera usually lives in the vise unless I need the bench for the rougher stages of sawing and planing.

Well, there is not much else to say at the moment so here is a photograph of me and Twinkie D. Possum.

Doug Berch and Twinkie D. Possum



Music I’d Like To Hear #74

Busker Playing A Flageolet

Doug Berch & Dulcimer Makers

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