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Month: December 2015

Music I’d Like To Hear #105

Autoharp, fiddle, flute and trumpet. An unusual band!

Learning From The Past

Epinettes Des Vosges

Design is a constant process, at least for me.

The past is an archive of knowledge that inspires new ideas.

I have collected many images over the years that I browse through when considering a new dulcimer design or when looking for a solution to a design problem.

Here are several images that have recently come to the top of the pile when looking for some new ideas. I can not remember where most of these images came from but I share them with you for your inspiration.

I thank the craftspeople and luthiers before me for their effort and continuing legacy.

I see no need to abandon the past while moving forward. To do so would be a great loss. Tradition is not static; it evolves.



Lambert epinette and other cool stringed instruments.

Langeleik postage stamp

Things with strings.

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