2016 – The Adventure Continues

A new year, another adventure

January 10th and there is finally some snow on the ground. Rain will come later today. The sump pump in the basement has been running. A strange Winter in a Country and World going through strange times.

This year I am hoping to post more about music, and if I can get the gear working I’ll post the occasional recording and/or video of your’s truly playing for your dancing and dining pleasure.

I’ll also continue posting about lutherie, dulcimer building, etc. I have a few interesting commissions for dulcimers underway and I’ll keep you posted about what’s on the bench.

And I may at times write about something that just comes to mind. I think in stories. Stories shared can sometimes tell more than descriptive language.

I hope you are all enjoying your own adventures!

2 thoughts on “2016 – The Adventure Continues

  1. Snow here in our part of the world near Dayton, Ohio. We are going to a concert Friday night and a workshop on Saturday put on by Dayton Dulcimer Society.

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