A Board That Was Almost Too Big For The Dulcimer Shop

Today I hauled down some wood from the attic. I needed some walnut and I remembered a particular board I picked up at a local sawmill a few years back.

Once said board was found I managed to get it down from the attic via the ladder and acquired only the mildest of injuries while doing so.

Had I accomplished nothing else today I would have felt the day was a success!

I navigated the board through the shop door and everything that either the board or I knocked over during the process was unbreakable. More success!

I often mention my shop is small, what a realtor would refer to as “cozy.”

Here is this hunk of walnut showing itself off in the middle of the shop.

A walnut board that runs almost the full length of my shop

Not all of the board is usable for lutherie but I will try to get as many dulcimer sides, backs, soundboards and fingerboards out of it as possible. Often the yield from such a board is small compared to the size of the board. Wood is sacred and I try to waste as little as possible.

Notice the spray-bottle of water and mallet on the bench next to the board? Those are for taming the board; it gets a squirt of water for a mild offense and the mallet is for my protection should things really get out of hand.

Only kidding.



6 thoughts on “A Board That Was Almost Too Big For The Dulcimer Shop

  1. @ Carolyn, my little Maple tree had started out tiny like yours but had become a nice tall tree, nearly as tall as my 100 year old 3 story house. It was on the way to being grand, but his old chain link fence was worth more to him than my tree. fences can be replaced, and now he has a neighbor who turns away from him.

  2. I know Marge — I rescued a little maple that grew to about 2 feet in our back gutter, shaded by a huge pine. Soooooo — I planted it, it was so happy and started growing and then, and then, and then — the d____ deer decided to eat it! So I surrounded it by a patio table, The deer crawled under and ate the new growth! I will try again as soon as the weather warms up — if it makes it again! It was a brave little thing! Can’t imagine Kendra’s loss — nothing as gorgeous as a full grown tree.

  3. My neighbor killed a little maple tree that had volunteered close to our property line and was growing on his fence. He just chopped it down and killed the root when I was gone. For that little tree I have been angry…what if it was 6 big beautiful trees?

  4. Precious walnut wood, Kendra Ward and Bob Spence just had 6 walnut trees stolen from their property….can you believe?

  5. I have experienced moving large pieces of wood. I do not make instruments – but I do some work with wood. As you say you never know when a piece of wood might get out of hand….

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