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A First-Class Workman Is Never Satisfied With Second-Class Tools

A First-Class Workman Is Never Satisfied With Second-Class Tools.



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Cleaning The Shop Can At Times Seem Overwhelming


  1. Chava Miriam

    @Michael: well, both! 😉

  2. Michael C Allen

    Well, it might be jewels then, not tools.

  3. Chava Miriam

    oh, mine not a comment in the direction of feminism, but trying to make a veiled reference to the tool part, LOL. If you get my drift.

  4. Doug Berch

    Mike – Cool!
    Chava – A sign of the times it was written.

  5. Chava Miriam

    how about a first class woman? Same same.

  6. Michael C Allen

    I notice copyright 1889 – I was looking at an old try square I inherited from my grandfather, it turns out to have been made in Sheffield, England in the 1840’s (through the power of Google) – even found the different craftspeople responsible for the brass, the rosewood, and the steel parts

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