A New Five Dollar Glue Pot!

It’s a thrill a minute here today! Let it not be said that a dulcimer maker doesn’t lead an exciting life!

For several years I used this little water boiling contraption as my glue pot. I measured the temperature with a candy thermometer and marked the spot on the temperature dial that kept the water at 140°. It worked very well.

My old glue pot that went wacko. So long, it's been good to know ya!

Recently the thermostat had become very unreliable. The thermostat had a mind of it’s own and the temperature would often fluctuate wildly, usually towards suddenly boiling the water surrounding the little jar of hide glue inside. This overheats the glue and ruins it very quickly.

I can’t complain as the pot cost me $1.00 at a yard sale a few years ago.

Of I went hippity hop to the local big supermarket that sells everything one needs to live, depending on your life style.

And behold, I found this little crock-pot for $5.00. It takes a while to warm up but holds the water stable at about 135°. This is a little cooler than what I prefer but I haven’t noticed any significant difference when working with hide glue.

My new cool & groovy $5 glue pot!

It is also heavier than my old glue pot and sits more securely on the bench so it is less likely to get knocked over.