An Early Low D Tinwhistle or Flute

Last night I was reading  “A Popular Account of Ancient Musical Instruments and Their Development: As Illustrated by Typical Examples in the Galpin Collection at Hatfield, Broad Oak, Essex” By William Lynd.

Yes, I have a fascinating life.

This book was published by J. Clarke in 1897. I do not know if J. Clarke was any relation to the founder of the Clarke Tinwhistle Company.
This ad was in the back of the book:
ad for and early low D tinwhistle
The  embouchure the player is using in the illustration is a bit unclear.  I also question whether the artist accurately portrayed the mouthpiece. This may have been an end-blown flute like a kaval or ney but it also might have had a fipple mouthpiece like a whistle.
Either way it is an interesting instrument. Has anyone ever seen one of these?

One thought on “An Early Low D Tinwhistle or Flute

  1. Well, this is the most similar flûte occidental (it seams on the stamps, made in France?) like a quena, it’s really interessing. It’s aparently fanfare or military band’s instrument.
    Thank’s for publication.

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