Appreciation For A Simple Tool

Call me anything but late for dinner.As I gain more experience with tools I find myself needing fewer tools.

In the past I used this knife for repair work. It is long, thin, and has a slight taper in thickness. With a little heat, moisture, and this knife I can take the back off of a dulcimer, etc.

I have seen this style of knife referred to as a both a shoe knife and a rubber knife. I suppose that makes it perfect for cutting rubber shoes.

A week or so ago I was sharpening everything in sight and as part of the fun I honed the edge of this knife and stropped it. I had forgotten how fine an edge it can take.

I have found myself reaching for this knife and I keep finding more uses for it. This evening I used it to cut linings to length before gluing them into a dulcimer. I used to reach for a chisel to do this but this knife works better. I have also used this knife to score straight lines for sawing sides to length, cleaning up the fuzz sometimes left on the edges of softwood parts, and a variety of trimming and shaping tasks where I might have used a chisel, saw or block plane.

I enjoy doing more with less.

4 thoughts on “Appreciation For A Simple Tool

  1. Greg Merritt

    I feel the same way. Most of my work is done with a surprisingly small number of core tools. One of those is my old Mora carving knife. I think it is the most used tool in the shop.

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