At-A-Glance Illustrated Self Instructor For Jew’s Harp With Hillbilly Songs – (1932)

I am a frequent visitor to The Toolemera Press and The Toolemera Blog. Gary does a wonderful job of sharing his library of rare books on woodworking, tools and related ephemera. I have learend a lot about tools from reading the PDF files he offers for free download.

Gary also offers a digital edition of  “Mechanick Exercises : or The Doctrine of Handy-Works” by Joseph Moxon (3rd Edition, 1703) for a remarkably small fee.

I thought of Gary as I dug through a box of stuff and found my copy of “At-A-Glance Illustrated Self Instructor For Jew’s Harp With Hillbilly Songs,”  circa 1932.

Jews Harp Instructor cover

This is an old and perhaps somewhat rare book on a fairly esoteric subject. There is a difference between this book and the rare books on esoteric subjects that Gary shares.

This book is pretty much useless to anyone who would like to play the Jew’s Harp!

No author is listed; not a good sign. The book basically tells you to put the thing in your mouth and have a great time going boing, boing boing. Popularity and fame will surely follow.

But hey, it’s history, the graphics are cool and it is a reminder that shlock media is nothing new.

I have scanned the entire instructional section and the first song in the tune section of the book. The other several pages I have not scanned are more songs in the same format. If you really want to see them let me know.


One thought on “At-A-Glance Illustrated Self Instructor For Jew’s Harp With Hillbilly Songs – (1932)

  1. Thank you!
    I found one of these things in an alley when I was a kid, never saw one before, another kid told me what it was. Together we figured out how to make noise with it, turns out, we were right! I had always thought that there was more to it, but upon reading your booklet, apparently not. Great trip down memory lane.
    Thanks again,

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