Attention To Detail

I am currently at the finishing stage of making two CDs and five dulcimers. It is at this stage that my eyes and ears become increasingly more critical of my work.

What began as a burst of creative force transmutes into discernment. The dark side of this process for me is when the critical eye or ear focuses on faults rather than the complete message of the work at hand.

I aspire to do the best work I am capable of yet I also have to have a reasonable expectation of what defines the best work I can accomplish.

dilemmaAnd what defines the best work I am capable of executing? Is it the overall design, look, feel and tone of an instrument or that slight imperfection in the finish? Is it the overall experience of a piece of music or that note I sang that seems a little bit off pitch?

Should I leave things as they are because they are working beautifully or redo some aspect of the work because it could be a little better?

Surely it will be even better next time but what about now?

I’m curious to hear from other creative people about their thoughts on this process. Please comment if so inspired.