Back To Work…Soon…

Nurse Ratched says I'm not ready to build dulcimers just yet


Someone told me that during the healing process a person is running a marathon even while sitting still. This makes sense to me.

I am healing well and i am eager to be in the shop making instruments. What has kept me from doing so is the fatigue that comes after a little physical and mental exertion. 

This will pass.

I plan to start work slowly; short installments and lots of time to rest and recover.

It is interesting how multiple requests for dulcimers made from similar woods often come to me at the same time. I currently have several orders for walnut dulcimers and messages from a few people who want to see what I make in walnut once I’m back in production.

I’ve been enjoying digging through my wood stash and sorting sets for the instruments I will soon be making. 

Life is good.