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  1. Hi, I’m a retired folksinger and amateur bowyer (American Traditional laminated longbows) who has gotten intrigued by the idea of trying my had at making a few dulcimers, just for the fun of continuing to stay busy in my shop. Been “gearing up”, studying and collecting resource material and tools. About ready to start making my first jigs and such.

    Your site has been an excellent resource. However, one thing I’ve looked for I have been unable to find. There seems to be plenty of resource material on making scroll peg heads, but relatively little on flat peg heads, which I actually find more appealing. I’ve cruised your site but haven’t found a section on how you do your peg heads. Have I missed it or is it not yet covered?

    Dick Wightman

    1. Hi Dick,
      I’m glad you are finding my blog helpful. I don;t think I’ve written about how I do my flat pegheads but it is very simple. Mine are glue to an end block that is beveled somewhere around 15 degrees. his is pretty standard on most stringed instruments to assure enough of an angle and down-bearing on the nut.

      Some makers use a lap-joint and splice the peghead to the end of the fretboard as on a classical guitar. Any book on classical guitar making should cover how to do this.
      Studying how other dulcimers and instruments are put together can give you a lot of ideas.

      I hope this was helpful!

      All the best,


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