Bench Shot


Most photographs of craftsman’s benches in woodworking magazines look like they were staged. There is usually a plane or chisel, a discrete shaving or two, a project in a recognizable stage of construction and a level of cleanliness adequate for performing surgery.

I think my bench looks more like what most woodworkers and luthiers typically look at all day. The bench is the heart of a small shop and everything I do when working in the shop happens there.

2 thoughts on “Bench Shot

  1. Hi Lynnie,

    Though the bench is the center of activity all other flat surfaces including the floor get into the act. I think the creative process has a way of spreading itself out……

  2. Well, even with a litttle spare wood shaving here and there, you are tidier than this artist ever will be. And if I could only keep the mess to one bench, even one room, we’d be happy. Just try to be what you are not, though…


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