Birds Of Vermont – Wonderful Wood Carvings

While traveling with my wife’s family we came across The Birds Of Vermont Museum. The museum was closed but we soon came across Bob Spear, the museum’s founder, coming back from a hike in the nearby woods.

Mr. Spear kindly offered to open the museum for us and we were very happy not to have missed seeing the fruits of his 25+ years of bird carving.

Bob Spear

At 90 Bob Spear is still carving away. He also has an apprentice who is helping him complete this massive collection of bird carvings.

Go there if you can!

You can also view some of the museum on-line and watch live birds at the feeder on the bird-cam by going to the museum’s website:

The Birds Of Vermont Museum

2 thoughts on “Birds Of Vermont – Wonderful Wood Carvings

  1. Hi Tico,

    The Birds of Vermont Museum was amazing. The Pember Museum sounds fascinating too. I enjoy these places that not only show not only wonders but the passion of the people behind them as well.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks, Doug. I’ll definitely check it out. I live not far from the Vermont border and have relatives in the Green Mountain State.

    There are all kinds of amazing, small museums throughout this region. Recently I discovered the Pember Museum ( in Granville, NY, which houses the worlds largest collection of stuffed species (many now endangered) in the world. I had no idea what I was in for when I went there, from 10′ tall grizzlies to the tiniest little beetle, all the birds, all the cats. I’m sure that Bob Spear knows the place. Speaking of him, he looks healthier and happier than most folks a quarter of his age.



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