Boing To The World!

Bringer of Joy

Many of my friends know that I have chosen two possible epitaphs for my tombstone that I feel succinctly sum up certain aspects of my life:

  • “No One Said There Would Be Math”
  • “He Played The Hammered Dulcimer But Never Made A Christmas Album”

In light of the second possibility I would like to share that I love this time of year and there is a warm place in my heart for things seasonal and festive.  On the other hand I do tire of the rampant commercialization of  this beautiful  time of year.

But enough of my rants and raves.

Here is my holiday gift to you all!

Boing To The World! – Arranged and Performed by Doug Berch

A performance for an appreciative audience

4 thoughts on “Boing To The World!

  1. LOL!! You are so wonderful. Ths could be THE Xmas album of a lifetime: all the carols played on Jews Harp, by a Jew, of course. It blends all the major spiritual traditions, Christian, Jewish and Old Time. Wishing you all the magical light of the season.

  2. Wow………..just wow…….No other words express the song but wow…..Still playing in my head………WOW! Suzi

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