Cambodian Dance Music by The Angkor Association for the Disabled

Somehow I ended up with mp3s of an album of Khmer dance music, probably a download I found somewhere online. This is amazing, high spirited music.

Angor-music The instrumentation features some type of hammered dulcimer, zither, bowed instruments and percussion.

I did a web search recently to learn more about this music and learned that the recordings were made by The Angkor Association for the Disabled, an organization that helps the victims of land mines and there families. A part of their work is training musicians and getting them gigs in various places.

There was a link on the organization’s web site offering the CD for $15 via PayPal. It is one of the ways these folks support their work. I ordered a copy and felt inspired to let people know about this.

How often does one get the chance to listen to great music and support good works in the process?

You can get the CD here.

Here’s a sample of their music:

Peakarv Mindael Kienhdass [audio:Peakarv-Mindael-Kienhdass.mp3]