Carving The Strum Hollow For Dulcimer #120


Carving the strum hollow for dulcimer #120


I started out carving strum hollows by hand. After carving many strum hollows I thought I’d try using power tools to save some time.

The power tools did save me a little time but the cost was a lack of feeling more connected to the work. I simply prefer the quiet, hands-on time of using hand tools at the bench.

I mark out the area for the strum hollow, rough it out with a chisel, shape it with a rasp and clean it up with a file and scraper. The one in the photograph is about half done.

Fun, fun, fun!



2 thoughts on “Carving The Strum Hollow For Dulcimer #120

  1. Perhaps a “spoke shave” might be useful for this task. ( Or not…)
    Makes a satisfying “whissssk” sound, but perhaps not accurate enough.

    1. The spance is a little tight for a standard spokeshave, maybe an old Millers Falls cigar shave would work…..Oh well, might have to get more tools!

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