CD or MP3?

I go back into the studio in a week or so to record more tracks for the album I’m working on.


I have a question. Do you prefer purchasing music on CD or by downloading? Let me know!

My plan is to make the album and each individual track available as a very high quality MP3. I am also pondering how many CDs I should press.

Either way I will post samples of the tracks when the album is available.


One thought on “CD or MP3?

  1. Hmmm, I’m still stuck loving a CD to touch and organize and handle. However, I do have an MP3 player (which I love on long cross-country trips but it’s too much hassle to plug in when my commute is less than 3 miles).

    However, I was given some music as an iTunes present for Christmas from a friend, so I literally just finished downloading the iTunes installer. I don’t like their methods though I understand the interface is wonderful to use. However, for this gift I’ll use it and maybe I’ll use it for downloading podcasts that are sort of a hassle to download manually.

    For now I definitely would buy a CD from you if you pressed some.


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