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Claudia Cardinale With A Dulcimer?

The other day while bouncing around in cyberspace I stumbled across what was said to be a photograph of Italian Tunisian actress Claudia Cardinale.

What caught my eye was that she is holding a dulcimer!

Claudia Cardinale With A Dulcimer?

I was curious if this was a still from a film and I searched for “Claudia Cardinale” and “dulcimer” which did not bring up anything about Claudia Cardinale and a dulcimer.

The search did however bring up references to the lovely and talented Claudia Schmidt.

Claudia Schmidt playing dulcimer

On another note; from the way Claudia Cardinale is playing the dulcimer it is clear her playing was strongly influenced by the also lovely and talented Butch Ross.

Butch Ross - one cool dude!




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  1. David E. Jones

    Who nknew.

  2. Guy Sabol

    at times during a filming in europe the lady might pick up something to keep thee action going

  3. Marge Diamond

    Cool, this got me grinning!

  4. mike hamilton

    Let’s not forget Force and d’Ossché.

    • Doug Berch

      I guess I didn’t think of Force and d’Ossché because because though they played standing they play over the top of the fretboard but hey, I’m not picky! 🙂

  5. David Marc Klein

    Ahh Claudia, the princess!

  6. John Molineux

    Well, I once saw a bespectacled spotty folk-geek stare at a woman friend’s very talented chest, which was tightly clothed in a ZZ-TOP t-shirt – all he could find to say was that he disapproved of her musical choice!!!! She, her boyfriend and the rest of us (all dulcimer players!) nearly died of hysterical laughter!!!

  7. Christopher White

    If the first thing you noticed in that image was the dulcimer you must be a VERY happily married man!!!

  8. Robin Thompson

    Is Mona Lisa a pop star? LOL

  9. Doug Snapp

    I saw the Mona Lisa with a MD. (Don definitely had something to do with that one.)

  10. Robin Thompson

    So, Claudia Cardinale may have been in a movie with a mountain dulcimer before Don Pedi was in “Songcatcher”? 🙂

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