Cleaning The Shop Can At Times Seem Overwhelming

The purpose of this post is to enable me to procrastinate a little longer.

Every now-and-then I give the shop a thorough cleaning before finishing or beginning a batch of dulcimers.

Cleaning the shop can at times seem overwhelming.

Tonight I emptied out a lot of the stuff that was leaning against walls, sitting on the floor and generally causing me to lose tools, cause avalanches and other havoc.

I was actually able to sweep the floor. I was actually able to see the floor!

The shop is looking pretty good.

As for the piles of lumber, bending forms, boxes and other stuff I took out of the shop to get to the floor…well, getting that stored in an accessible and orderly fashion will take a little longer, hence the procrastination.

Coffee break is over, time to get back on my head!



2 thoughts on “Cleaning The Shop Can At Times Seem Overwhelming

  1. Hi Bobby,

    I’m in still mid-stream with the cleaning project this morning. I have a lot of wood to put up in the attic and numerous boxes of stuff to sort through. I might try some of the clear plastic boxes; at least there is a fighting chance of knowing what is in them without resorting to archaeology!

  2. Yep, I have clear plastic boxes of misc. wrenches and pliers, hose clamps, sand paper, and cans of finish in my living room being labeled. But it sure makes the shop appear less cluttered!

    Music helps me do the mindless stuff…but I have to turn off the TV or I get caught up in it…

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