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Custom Dulcimer With Two Fretboards In Progress

It’s a beautiful day and my wife is working in the garden. I came out to show her how a custom combination standard and baritone dulcimer is coming along and she snapped this photo:

Portrait of a well-dressed dulcimer maker standing in the garden.

Maintaining a neat and well-kept appearance while at work is of great importance and a sign of good breeding.

I’ll stop now.


Music I’d Like To Hear #32


Music I’d Like To Hear #33


  1. Wow! what a great concept. Can’t wait to hear that baby.

  2. Minann Stephens Black: Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Beautiful! I bet it sounds as beautiful as it looks!

  4. Doug Berch, yes you did. she had a very nice walnut dulcimer of yours.

  5. Bernd Krause: Thanks for passing on the hello from Shannon. I think I met her at Dulcimerville last year.

  6. very nice Doug. also was asked to say hello from one of your customers. Shannon Tate form Waynesboro, Va. met her her at the Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival in Ferrum, VA.

  7. Sherrie Hoyer: Thanks, Sherrie. About a month to go.

  8. that is beautiful! How long will it take to finish?

  9. Kevin Roth: We still have star dust in all of our eyes!

  10. i remember you in bolde-r skinny with a pony tail and star dust in all of our eyes!

  11. Beth Crumley: You too!

  12. Great photo, Doug!! Have a Happy Memorial Weekend!!

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