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Davy Crockett’s Dulcimer?

This clip is from “The World,” a New York City newspaper dated August 30th, 1900:


Crockett’s Dulcimer


“Here is a dulcimer which belonged to the great pioneer Davy Crockett. It was made by a French army officer who served under Lafayette. It is now owned by Geo. F. Crockett of Philadelphia, a second cousin of the original owner.”


A Palm Full of Wood Shavings


Woodworkers – Keep Your Nose Clean!


  1. Doug Berch

    Can’t remember where I found this article; some on-line old newspaper archive. I searched on “dulcimer” and it came up. I’m pretty sure the article is genuine but I can’t vouch for the truth behind it.

  2. Stephen Seifert

    Where did you get this?!? Is this for real?

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