Dulcimer Number 81 In Progress

Just thought I’d put up a few pictures of #81 as it moves through a few stages of construction.

This sides and back are from a very nice piece of curly Walnut and the top is a very stiff piece of Sitka Spruce with a fair amount of bear claw figure. Unfortunately my lack of skill with a camera doesn’t show this very well.

The binding is Lacewood. Lacewood is somewhat tricky to work with but I like the way it looks on a Walnut instrument. The color and mottled grain of Lacewood reminds me of the Tortoise shell bindings on vintage instruments.

Here are the end blocks and sides getting prepped for lining.


I had added the lining, top and binding a few days ago. This morning I glued on the fretboard.


A close up.


Now I’m off to the shop to do some work on number 82 while the glue dries.