A Few Dulcimer Pegheads In Progress

Here are two pegheads in curly walnut and one in cherry ready to be sawn out.

Dulcimer pegheads trapped in wood

When making parts for more than one dulcimer at a time I sometimes leave notes to myself on the parts in pencil. The numbers in the layouts for the two walnut pegheads are to remind me how many tuners each will receive. There are also notes on the respective dulcimers to remind me which peghead goes with which dulcimer. I know it may be difficult to imagine that the wrong peghead could possibly end up on a dulcimer but imagine away….it has happened.

Once the pegheads have been sawn out they are brought to final shape by eye. My pegheads all look basically the same, an asymmetrical snake-head, but each is is slightly different.  I enjoy sculpting each peghead until it looks right to me and depending on the grain and figure of the wood a different variation in the final shape looks more “right” for each individual peghead. It would be faster to just make them to a set repetitive pattern but what would be the fun in that?

Planing Pretty Pegheads

Here are two of the pegheads in the home stretch.

Dulcimer Headstocks



2 thoughts on “A Few Dulcimer Pegheads In Progress

  1. It is neat how you vary each peghead based on the wood grain. Your dulcimers are truly given individual attention to detail. I’m guessing the “3” is mine. They all are beautiful. Varying wood grains sure do make the dulcimers special.

    1. Yup, the one with the “3” will go on your dulcimer, Susie! I’m having fun making it for you!

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