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Ed Presnell – Dulcimer Maker – A Short Film From 1973

This is wonderful short documentary about a well know traditional dulcimer maker.

I particularly find his simple but effective bending form, jigs and clamps intriguing.

Also interesting is how he constructs the scroll peghead and fretboard as an integral unit.

And the soundboard is nailed to the fretboard!



English Folk Dance And Song Society Folksong Archives


Group Gathered Around A Man Playing The Dulcimer At Camp Black, Long Island, New York


  1. Doug Berch

    Glad you enjoyed it, Robin. I was pretty amazed when I came across it. I’ve seen a few Presnell dulcimers through the years and each was a unique work of art.

    All the best,


  2. Robin Thompson

    Wow, Doug, I’ve never before seen this– it’s a treasure and I’m glad you posted it. (I’ve already ‘liked’ the film for FB and plan to pass it along on at least a site or two on the internet.)

    I believe Bill Howard (in Oklahoma) owns (or did own) one of the prettiest, fanciest Presnells– it’s got dogwood blossom carvings on it and even the tuning peg heads are carved blossoms.

    Thanks again for posting the EPresnell film!

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