Evart Special: Free Monkey with Every Dulcimer!

Free monkey with every dulcimer!

I was not able to work in the shop for several months while going through the relatively early stages of recovery from back surgery. I have recently been able to work for several short periods of time throughout the day. This brings me great joy!

I spent this time in the shop setting up some dulcimers that were near completion before the surgery. i should soon be making instruments again. I offer my thanks for the kindness and understanding of those who have been patiently waiting for their instruments.

I will be showing dulcimers, teaching, and performing at the The Original Dulcimer Players Club 2013 FunFest in Evart, Michigan.  My old friend Michael C. Allen (hammered dulcimer and marimbula maker extraordinaire! of Cloud Nine Musical Instruments) will also be there showing instruments and kindly offered to help set up my booth.

To celebrate my recovery so far I am offering a free monkey with the purchase of a every dulcimer! That’s right, a free monkey!

One of the monkeys jumped in front of the dulcimers just as I snapped the photograph.

The following rules apply:

  • Offer only valid for dulcimers purchased at the 2013 ODPC FunFest.
  • First come, first served.
  • Only 6 dulcimers and 6 monkeys available.
  • Dulcimer purchase required to receive a free monkey.
  • You can buy a monkey for the price of a dulcimer and get a free dulcimer.
  • Monkey does not play dulcimer. Monkey comes with and plays cymbals.
  • Purchaser is responsible for care and feeding of both dulcimer and monkey.
  • Justin Bieber is not eligible to receive a free monkey.


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  1. I already have more dulcimers than I can play. Can I just the the monkey? 🙂

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