Fig. 8. – Steps In Sharpening A Cabinet Scraper

Steps In Sharpening A Cabinet Scraper

Fig. 8. – Steps in sharpening a cabinet scraper

Every book shows a slightly different method of sharpening scrapers.

Sharpening a scraper is not a difficult task but learning to do it from written instructions can seem confusing. I have taught a few people to use and sharpen scrapers and they usually pick it up very quickly, though it does take a bit of practice. The same went for me when I started using them.

I consider scrapers to be among the most useful tools in dulcimer making. They replace reams of sandpaper and make shavings instead of dust! They can smooth and shape concave, convex and flat surfaces. They can leap tall buildings in a single bound…….

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  1. @John: I don’t have a lot of experience with goosenecks – I usually use a small, thin scraper I can flex to get into tight curves. The trickiest part with a gooseneck is squaring the edges. Someone on line must have covered sharpening them. If you figure out a good way to do it please let me know!

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