Finding Happiness In A Small And Cluttered Workshop

Sometimes my wife refers to my workshop as “Doug’s playroom.” She’s right.

Some luthiers have workshops that look like laboratories. Others have workshops that make mine look like a laboratory. I walk the middle path.

Here are some honest and candid pictures of one of my favorite places to be. I love and enjoy my work. Like any craftsperson there are times the work is challenging and there are the “oops!” moments but in the long run that is part of the joy as well.

If you are reading this post on Facebook you won’t see all the pretty pictures so click on the link, visit my website, and gawk in amazement or horror! 🙂

A place for everything and everything is someplace.

Let there be light. And planes.


More dulcimer maker stuff.

Does this tool look boring?

There is a place for everything and everything is some place!