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Follow Up To “A Personal Note”

It seems appropriate to be writing this post on Thanksgiving.

In a previous post I had mentioned I was having a second back surgery on November 14th. The surgery went well. There were no complications and recovery has been going much easier than it did the last time around.

The nursing staff was exceptional as were the students working with them. They clearly cared about people and had chosen the right profession. 

I am resting a lot, going for short walks, and doing exercises I was given in physical therapy.

Here I am performing one of the more challenging exercises:

I will feel so much better when this is over!

It will be several more weeks before I can start slowly easing into a little work in the shop. People waiting for instruments have been very patient and supportive. 

My current abundance of unstructured time has provided an opportunity to think through design changes and methods of work. I am looking forward to trying them out.

I’ve been able to play mountain dulcimer and new ideas are springing up; a little more counterpoint is finding it’s way into my playing. I’m also arranging some new pieces and revisiting some old ones.

I’ll be playing a contra dance this coming weekend with “Oh! Contraire.” We are all good friends and I’m looking forward to getting out for an evening playing a gig with them. I’m not up to playing hammered dulcimer yet so I’ll be playing tinwhistle for the night.

I want to thank all of you who have written and shared your love and support as well as those of you who sent love and support silently.

Life is good.

Be well.



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  1. Gary Warnock

    Hey Doug, I wanted to write post surgery, but waited to see if you would reply first. Glad to see your exercises aren’t too strenuous. In the photograph you had someone take of you doing your exercises, you seemed a little more flexible than that of your last surgery. Glad you are doing well (weller). My best, Gary

  2. Eileen Bridge

    Hope your recovery goes well!

  3. Rick Hopper

    God – best wishes on Thanksgiving!

  4. Heartland Klezmorim

    Glad you are feeling better. The exercise looks exhilarating. Are the wheels made from halavah?

  5. Bill Davenport

    Good luck and speedy recovery.

  6. Stephen Sloan

    Glad your surgery went well. Hope your Thanksgiving is full of music. Steve & Rosy

  7. Bobby J Ratliff

    Prayers for such a swift recovery it will confound the doctors!

  8. Dulcimore Dan

    Power of prayer!

  9. Tom Strothers

    Sound like you’re on the right path for continuing your productive life. Walk, don’t run and we’ll all be thankful.

  10. Terry Murray

    Like like like like like like love like like like. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Terry Murray

    This is great news, Doug! I’m so pleased for you, and am glad you’re taking the time you need and easing back into work and other strenuous (in the current circumstances) activities. Happy Thanksgiving and have a great gig this weekend.

  12. Vickie Glinski


  13. Paul Hanley

    Mend well – speedy recovery.

  14. Bla Ck

    I like surgery, it’s my favourite.

  15. Doug Snapp

    Thanks for the update! Been thinking of you.

  16. Joe Rosolen

    Great news Doug.

  17. Joe Rosolen

    I am very glad you are feeling better.

  18. Robin Thompson

    Though I’m certainly no expert, that exercise doesn’t appear to be rigorous enough. 🙂 Get well and do what brings you joy.

  19. Doug Berch

    Thanks! Me too! The PT is fun, especially since they let me wear that cool outfit!

  20. Jean Bolger

    So glad to hear it’s going pretty smoothly! The PT in the photo looks fun, too

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