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Friends Of The Mountain Dulcimer

Friends Of  The Mountain Dulcimer is a social network for dulcimer players; think of it as Facebook for people who are mountain dulcimer players, makers and enthusiasts,

There are already well over 100 members and you can be one too!

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Cherry Dulcimers Are Delicious!


The Okeh Laughing Record


  1. Caryn

    Looking for some 17th century English dulcimer music preferably in DAD. [email protected]

    • Doug

      I am not aware of what books of dulcimer arrangements are out there as I don’t use tab when learning repertoire. You might inquire at and see if anyone has ideas. I recommend listening to recordings and/or learning to read standard music notation as there is much more music available to you that way. Hope this helps!.

  2. chuckqeisser

    Have been a member but when the web-site changed I cant get on.

    • Doug

      When the site switched I was sent a new username and password – I haven’t been there for a while but there must be a way to contact the admin.

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