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Getting Ready To Make Another Run Of Dulcimers

Here is the bench with a stack of black walnut, curly claro walnut, curly maple and some reclaimed redwood waiting to become dulcimers tops, backs and sides.

Wood resawn and patiently waiting to become the next batch of dulcimers

And here is some vertical grain mahogany a friend gave me. He bought the plank 25 years ago! Some walnut is thrown in for flavor and color. It will become fretboards with fingerboard overlays of various woods.

Dulcimer fingerboards waiting to be born

This is the stage of making a dulcimer that is really more akin to woodworking. There will be lots of sawdust and shavings!




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  1. Valerie Hallenbeck Perrins


  2. Doug Berch

    Typically it is but sometimes it has a lot of color, purples, browns, reds, cream, etc. Often people stain it to make it all uniformly dark but I love what nature does with it!

  3. Valerie Hallenbeck Perrins

    It’s lovely. I thought that black walnut was all dark.

  4. Doug Berch

    Hi Valerie – my current personal instrument is made entirely of an exceptional piece of curly black walnut. It has lots of flame and color. I wish i could find wood like that all the time!

  5. Valerie Hallenbeck Perrins

    Oh, I’m asking now.

  6. Valerie Hallenbeck Perrins

    Doug, I meant to ask you what wood was in the dulcimer you were playing at D’ville.

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