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small hammered dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer Recording From 1908!

small-hammered-dulcimerHere’s an Edison cylinder recording of a hammered dulcimer solo recorded in 1908! No big, fancy dulcimer with extend range, additional chromatic notes or damper pedals here, just the skill of a player on an instrument that sounds like it had between 9 and 12 treble courses and possibly a smaller number of bass courses.

I am increasingly drawn to smaller, simpler hammered dulcimers. At first I missed the lower bass notes but there is a sense of freedom, ease and intimacy I experience when playing a simpler, smaller instrument.

William Moriarity – Hammerd Dulcimer Solo – “Ain’t Dat A Shame Medley”



A Happy Woodworker In His Shop


Hammered Dulcimer Design In Progress


  1. Doug Berch

    Glad you enjoyed it Joe.

  2. Joe Cottonwood

    Charming! And exactly one century ago… The good things in life don’t change.

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