Hammered Dulcimer Recordings Circa 1937

From The Library Of Congress:

“Comprises a group of field materials documenting Thomas Mann performing Anglo-American dance music on the hammered dulcimer collected for the Farm Security Administration in July, 1937 by Sidney Robertson Cowell in Ortonville, Iowa.”

An old hammered dulcimer

http://memory.loc.gov/afc/afccc/audio/a382/a3820a3.mp3 Schottische played on the Hammered Dulcimer by Thomas Mann – July, 1937

You can hear several more recordings by clicking here!

Thanks to The Library of Congress!

2 thoughts on “Hammered Dulcimer Recordings Circa 1937

  1. Hello Doug,

    I live in Norfolk ,England and have been researching our local hammered dulcimer tradition for years. I love these old recordings. The accompanying picture shows a dulcimer probably made by William Chilvers, born in Norwich(England) who worked in Halesworth. Where did the picture come from?

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thank you for getting in touch. I can’t recall where I came across the photograph but I am very happy to know more about the dulcimer in question! I have a deep appreciation for the dulcimers and dulcimer players of yore from the UK and Ireland. I’m happy to hear you are researching these instruments and players and will keep it in mind when I have questions!

      All the best,


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