Paul Bertrand Playing “Danse Carree” On Hammered Dulcimer (1928)

Paul Bertrand Playing "Danse Carree" Hammered Dulcimer (1928)


Here is a treat thanks to the generous offerings of Canadian Library and Archives “Virtual Gramophone.”

15951.mp3 – Paul Bertrand – “Danse Carree” (1928)

Like many players of the era Mr. Bertrand’s playing has a lilt and rhythmic precision that probably comes from playing for many dances. The style is somewhat sparse but every note is played with excellence. In my opinion this sounds more musical than any flashy technique could bring to such a tune.

I can not make out what instrument is providing the accompaniment. At various times I have thought it to be a piano, harp, guitar, zither or maybe even another hammered dulcimer.