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Dulcimers Xylophones and Door harps Oh My

Hammered Dulcimers, Xylophones and Door-Harps, Oh My!


Hammered Dulcimers, Xylophones and Door-Harps, Oh My!

New York Daily Tribune - September 25, 1909


Manufacturer of


And Door-Harps.

Stage Novelties Made To Order

Instruments Bought and Exchanged

Artistic Repairing Done

Strings For All Instruments

Instruction given on English Concertina and Dulcimer

Instruments and Instruction Books for sale


From -The New York Daily Tribune – Saturday, September 25, 1909




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  1. Doug Berch

    Glad you like them, John. I often find the ads and other graphics in old books I dig through in various digitized archives. is always a great place to start. This one came from the newspaper archive at the Library of Congress.

  2. John Hayes

    You find the coolest ads! Where do you come up with them?

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