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I Found My Music In A Video

The other day I found a video/photo montage on YouTube using the title track from my hammered dulcimer album, “The Sadness of Common Objects” as the soundtrack.

Imagine my surprise. I do prefer to be asked for permission to  use of my music but I take it being used in this video as a compliment.

And the pictures are very pretty!



It’s Good To Be Back In The Dulcimer Mine


Hammered Dulcimer Recordings Circa 1937


  1. Tico Vogt


    Beautifully played.

  2. Carla Maxwell

    The music and the pictures fit together beautifully. Lovely music and lovely pictures. 🙂

  3. Doug Berch

    Hi Nanina,

    It was a lovely video and I’m happy to have my music as a part of it. I also know about creative whirlwinds!

    All the best,


  4. nanina

    Thank you for the compliment, Doug, and again for being so gracious. In future I will make a better effort to contact you and others before using your music. Being lost in the whirlwind of creativity is not a good excuse!


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