I Know There Is A Dulcimer In There!

This 2 inch thick quartersawn cherry has been in the attic for a few years and is ready to become soundboards, backs and sides.

I know there is a dulcimer in there!

This board is about 35 inches long and had some twist so I needed to get a flat surface in preparation for resawing. I used wooden shims to keep the board from rocking while it gets planed. At the far end  of the bench I bridged two bench dogs with a small board  to serve as a wide bench stop.

A jack plane made quick work of taking down the high spots and a jointer plane assured I was left with a flat surface.

Flat and smooth and ready for resawing.

I love hand planing. It is great exercise and it felt good to get my heart pounding while making some wood shavings.

And soon I’ll be resawing with a little help from my friends.

Resawing wood for dulcimer making.

One thought on “I Know There Is A Dulcimer In There!

  1. We get BY with a little help from our friends! I do hope that they were useful!

    When I was little and my father planed wood, I would bobby-pin the “curls” to my hair – I soooo wanted blonde curly hair… It’s okay now; I don’t mind…

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