Jeffrey Menzies – Handmade Instruments – Stunning gourd, tack-head and minstrel banjos. I play one!

Dulcimer Related:

Cloud Nine Hammered Dulcimers and Marimbulas – Michael C. Allen makes great hammered dulcimers. I play one!

Dulcimer Players And Their Instruments – A wonderful history of the hammered dulcimer focusing on the British Isles.

Everything Dulcimer – For folks into dulcimer and hammered dulcimer

Friends Of The Mountain Dulcimer – I bet you can figure this one out!

Hurdy Gurdy:

Hurdy Gurdy Crafters – Great folks making wonderful hurdy gurdies! I play one!


CRANE Home Page – Makoto Tsuruda shares his knowledge, techniques, plans, and passion for making stringed instruments.

Frets.Com – Frank Ford generously shares a wealth of information.

Guild of American Luthiers – Luthiers sharing their knowledge. Great books, plans, etc.

Musical Instrument Makers Forum – A good place for questions and answers.

Music Resources:

Digital Tradition – Search a huge database of folk songs.

Dolmetsch Online – Resources for learning music theory, etc.

Recorder Fingerings – A database of fingerings for almost any recorder.

Social Networks:

Doug Berch – Dulcimer Maker –  On Facebook

Doug Berch on Google+

Doug Berch on Twitter

Tools and Woodworking:

The Old Tools Mailing List Archives – Everything you could want to know (or not want to know) about working wood with hand tools.

The Old Wood-Working Machines Site – A wealth of information about that old machine you are hoping to restore.

Toolemera Press and The Toolemera Blog – Ephemera and Books on Early Tools, Trades, Crafts & Industries – a great resource.

The Village Carpenter – One person’s woodworking journey, with a focus on handtools, a nod to the past, and an appreciation for the creative spirit. – Therapeutic Woodworking – Am amazing compendium of information from all over the web. If you work with hand tools you don’t want to miss this one.


Charter For Compassion – A noble effort to help humanity practice “The Golden Rule.”

Owosso Organics – Organic farm in Central Michigan with a CSA program – Great veggies, great folks!