Lutherie Shop And Tools – Denis Diderot

Lutherie Shop And Tools - Denis Diderot


So here are some happy luthiers working in a clean and well-organized shop, making all kinds of instruments without one shaving on the floor!  I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the portrayal of a busy lutherie shop but the tools shown are not only accurate but still in common use.

I found this print from Denis Diderot’s encyclopedia somewhere on-line a while ago. I thought some of you might enjoy it. Click and it gets bigger

3 thoughts on “Lutherie Shop And Tools – Denis Diderot

  1. Hi John,
    With your background as a luthier I am surprised you don’t recognize said tool. It is a multipurpose tool most often used for making delicate adjustments to parts of an instrument that don’t quite line up correctly. It also comes in handy when dealing with fascists, setting the blade on wooden planes, tenderizing meat and removing corns and callouses.

    The “Birmingham screwdriver!” How wonderful!

  2. Hi Doug! Hey, I learn something about wood-working every day! For instance : what’s that tool top left in the picture? It looks like a bit of metal on the end of a wooden handle. Is it for playing violas? Or glass harmonicas? When I lived in England, its nick-name was a “Birmingham screwdriver”!!! (true!)

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