4 thoughts on “Music I’d Like To Hear #128

  1. My daughter wants to learn to play the hurdy gurdy, so I am embarking on building them!

    1. How wonderful! These folks supply some of the hard to find parts if you need a source – http://hurdygurdycrafters.com/

  2. Typical duo from Central France. The bagpipe is the cabrette usually seen with the vielle, the most sophisticated of the hurdy gurdies. The bagpipe is mouth-blown and the one drone comes out of the same stock as the chanter. It’s a wonderful mellow sound. The hurdy gurdy is chromatic and is capable of playing in number of different keys and drone tunings. Hotterterre wrote some wonderful music for the vielle and the musette de coeur (very sophisticated bagpipe) back in the 18th century. You can hear a lot of this music on Youtube. It’s still around today and very vibrant!

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