One thought on “Music I’d Like To Hear #146

  1. There is quitre a bit of this music online. The velile (hurdy curdy) and the cabrette (bagpipe) are a wonderful combination. This comes fron Auvergne in central France.. Notice that the cabrette is bellowsd blown and the drones and chanter come out of a single stock. Around the Turn-of-the-Century a lot of people from this region moved to Paris and worked in the coal trade. Since there were so many folks from this region there, they started to open bars for the working men to relax in. About the same time, a lot of Italians moved to Paris as well and began to frequent the same bars bringing their accordions. These bars were called ball-Mussete or dance to the bagpipe. These bars and this style of music lasted wellinto the 1960’s and was where Django Reinhardt got his start. The bal-musette spawned the now popular Gypsy jazz. You can check out some of the cabrette and vielle music on Youtube.

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