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Music I’d Like To Hear #30

Music I'd Like To Hear #30

Music I’d Like To Hear #30


Dulcimer Making, Resawing, And Sawdust


When Dulcimer Making Takes Over The House


  1. David Marc Klein

    Irma and Florance Ogushwitz, a great duo from the early 1900’s. They were very exciting to hear. The wore dresses with puffy shoulders to hide the fact the they were also weight lifters. I believe they were from Rumania originally and came to America at the age of 10 and 12. Their brother Naftule invented a Menorah made out of wax. It was originally a big seller, but most folks didn’t want to purchase a Menorah for each day of Hanakkah. They played a simkha here and there. Irma and Florance both settled in West Bloomfield, MI.

  2. Doug Snapp

    These two are the Bose sisters. They pioneered the idea of shoulder speakers.

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