2 thoughts on “Music I’d Like To Hear #34

  1. Ah yes, it’s the Delancy Street Trio, Yankele, Yosele, and Alvin. We only here stories about them as being one of the top bands to hire. One day, Yosele was sitting having lunch in a deli when a mohel walked in and asked Yosele if his band was available that afternoon to play at a bris. He said yes and they followed the mohel to the address. They knocked on the door and the bris was performed. All of a sudden the family starts to scream. “What’s the matter, Mr Schwartz”? said the mohel. “Schwartz? My name is Smith, Schwartz lives next door”. The mohel now has new glasses and moved to another state. The trio never worked again in the big city, so they started playing contra-dances calling themselves, The Tipless Three.

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