5 thoughts on “Music I’d Like To Hear #43

  1. I would love to hear how those different “instruments” sounded, too! A broom with a can on top? The rectangular … ukulele? The contraption in the middle with… bells that ring when the tops are hit? The tops sound when the bells (?) are pulled? I can’t even figure out what one would do to make the sounds! Great fun – thank you, Doug.

    (I would doubt the scholarship of the “history”, but for amusement, it flies high. I assume that it is a “long A” in the word “pasties”. Thanks, DMK!)

  2. No, who would want to? Look at them, they look like a bunch of golems. But yes, I believe I have some information about these two gentlemen. These are the Weiss brothers, Herschel and Moishe. They got their start right here in Lansing, MI. Rabbi Ben Weiss was their father. Originally from Bialystok Poland, the Weiss family settled in Lansing in 1923. The brothers and their twin sisters Zoe and Zelda, were all very musically talented. Herschel and Moishe performed at many functions including weddings, dances, and an occasional bris. In the 1940’s they began to spend their summers playing shows in the Catskills. Zoe and Zelda, not in this photo, were banjo players. They worked with their mother making pasties for exotic dancers. They made lots of money making those pasties.

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