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Music I’d Like To Hear #9


A Tromba Marina Player

A Tromba Marina Player


Dulcimer Lesson – Playing The Lower Octave in D-A-D Tuning


Fig. 8. – Steps In Sharpening A Cabinet Scraper


  1. Thanks! I’ll have to check that out.

  2. Benjamin Mullins

    There is some brilliant tromba marine playing to be found on this recording:
    Johann Valentin Rathgaber: ‘Messe von Muri’ and Concertos
    Ensemble Arcimboldo

  3. It’s mentioned in a one line (!) poem by Apollinaire in an elaborate that only works in French.

    Et l’unique cordeau des trompettes marines

    Sort of very elaborate Diddley Bow!

  4. It would be fun!

  5. Seth Austen

    I love these, wish I had one!

  6. Michael C Allen

    an early revival instrument ? I have read that there are no original examples, only illustrations.. It would be fun to make some of these

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