4 thoughts on “Music I’s Like To Hear #178

  1. Doug, have you ever been to the musical instrument museum in Phoenix? I have, a couple times. It is truly wonderful. They have it set up by continents. As you wander around and see the instruments, there are TV screens showing people playing the very instruments (thousands of them) in front of you. You’d love it.

    1. I haven’t been there but I have heard wonderful things about it! Hopefully someday I’ll get to visit!

  2. I think they may be Swedish or at least Scandinavian. The harp thing has a two octave treble range and then some groupings of strings for chords. Probably played somewhat like the kantele. I’ve seen a loot of instruments like this in teh Baltics, Western Russia, and environs. they have a wide selection of names. Probably would be interesting to hear.

    1. Thanks for the information. The harp/zither looked like a more Westernized or manufactured version of some more traditional zithers. It would be cool to hear it!

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