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My Hammered Dulcimer Playing As A Soundtrack For A Short Film

Ashka Wierzycka contacted me about using the title piece from my last hammered dulcimer album, “The Sadness Of Common Objects,” as the soundtrack for a short film about a company that refurbishes vintage industrial machines and equipment into furniture and art.

It is a lovely film and you can watch it here.


Music I’d Like To Hear #10


Music I’d Like To Hear #11


  1. Doug Berch

    Thanks, All.

  2. Doug Berch

    Thanks, Tom.

  3. Jacqueline Gray

    Wonderful news–as it should be.

  4. Tico Vogt

    Fantastic, Doug. What a combination.

  5. Brian Irving

    That would be a good match.

  6. Tom

    The music fit very well with the film. They are restoring a piece of history with each piece. Thank you for sharing. Again your music was the perfect fit.

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